Here is an overview of my skills, education and a little about my experience. You can download a more comprehensive PDF version here.

Having commercial experience with C# I pursued a Masters to become adept in C++.

With Sheffield Hallam’s PlayStation First Partnership, I’ve been fortunate enough to program with the Sony PhyreEngine. I’ve also enjoyed programming with the C++ Oculus Rift SDK & DirectX 11.

I'm also a lot happier than I appear in my very stern photograph.


Sheffield Hallam University (Sept 2014 – Sept 2016)

MSc Computer Game Software Development 

The University of Huddersfield (Sept 2008 – July 2011)

Computer Game Design BA Hons 

Brookfield Community School (Sept 2004 – Sept 2005)

A Levels English & Sciences (B - C) | AS Level ICT (A)


Professional Experience

G2G3 Digital (June 2015 – Sept 2016)

.Net Developer

Steel Minions Game Studio (July 2015 – Sept 2015 )

Programmer on Outnumb3r3d (more information here)


Publications & Community Involvement

You can find out more on my Events & Publications page.



Programming Languages

C++ | C# | HLSL | Google Go | Assembly (x86 PPC)

IDEs & Engines

Visual Studios 2013 – 2015 | PhyreEngine | Unity


Oculus Rift SDK 8.0 | DirectX 11 API | Windows Sockets API


Professional Experience

Unity  (Feb 2017 – Present )

Educational Evangelist

Rocksteady Studios (Oct 2016 – Dec 2016)

Marketing Intern on Batman Arkham VR


Awards & Honors

Prince William Scholar (2014 - 2016) 

Develop 30 under 30 (2016) 

Microsoft Women Game Changer (2016)


Favourite Games: Final Fantasy VIII I Metal Gear Solid | Silent Hill | Dead Space | DMC | The Wolf Among Us

Currently Playing: Final Fantasy XV | Dead Space

Currently Reading: The Terror Engine | The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Currently Watching: Gantz