Choose Your Own Adventure

 Image by Lap Pun Cheung

Image by Lap Pun Cheung

I have learned so much during my time as a student in the games industry. I have written an article featuring helpful resources, hints and tips and advice from professionals.

Hopefully this will help others wishing to begin a career in games.

You can read the article here

GDC: A First Timer Survival Guide

I was lucky enough to be selected my Microsoft & sponsored by Sheffield Hallam University to attend GDC 2016 in San Francisco.

I wrote a jolly reflective piece on my first ever Games Developers Conference for the fantastic GI Biz.

The piece also contains hints & tips for for future GDC goers.

You can read the article here.

Careers Series: Programming And Development

As part of the fabulous UKIE's Career Series, I wrote a piece on my experience of being a programming student in the games industry. I reflect on what I've learned, what's inspired me & the challenges I have faced.

You can find the piece here.

Horror Games & VR: A New Level of Terror or a Dead End?

The research focus of my Masters concerned delving into the depths of horror game design and development to discover how elements of virtual reality can help or hinder the horror experience.

My research into horror and VR is a true passion of mine and it was a pleasure to present my research so far with VR Focus.

You can read the article here.