The Horror Engine

The Horror Engine is the final project of my MSc. It is a proof of concept, built from the ground up using C++ libraries & based on the conclusions of my research into horror games & Virtual Reality (VR).

The Horror Engine takes the immersion of VR a step further by allowing another player to manipulate the world that the player in VR inhabits in real-time.

This Horror Engine is currently a work in progress.

For more information on the engine & it's development, please have a peek here.

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Over the summer of 2015, myself & my fellow MSc students were tasked with porting Outnumb3r3d from the Nintendo Wii to the PlayStation 4 using the Sony PhyreEngine.

Outnumb3r3d was created by Dr Jacob Habgood, the Course Leader of Sheffield Hallam's MSc in Computer Game Software Development.

Progress of this was presented by Jacob at the European Conference on Game Based Learning in 2015.

To find out more about my involvement in this project, please have a peek here.

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A Non-Photo Realistic Shader Based on the work of Shaun Thomas

Quite a mouthful!

For this project I created a non-photo realistic shader based on the work of Shaun Thomas. Thomas is most notably known for his work on the Silent Hill series of graphic novels.

I was ridiculously lucky enough to have feedback on this project from the wonderful Ryan Kaufman, art director of The Wolf Among Us.

To find out more about how I created this shader & the inspiration behind it, please have a peek here.

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